to lock a 4runner or not to lock

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Mar 28, 2003
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Ok so my friend is looking into a rear locker for his 4runner and he doesnt know what to do. And so I am asking the opinion of this board for some help. He's looking at a lockrite or ausielocker. (i think they are almost identical in design) anywho, we've talked to a few people that said they are great and others said that they suck. suck as in tires hop around turns for everyday driving. other said that they just click and its no big deal at all. basically, should he get one of those lockers or do limited slip? he doesnt want to comprimise any of his daily drivabilty, but needs something for more traction.
First, it's a 4skinner. :flipoff2:


A friend had a lockright in his '87 4-Runner for about a year. He dumped it and bought an ARB. If your friend wants *no* sacrifice in daily driveability then he needs to get a driver selectable locker; either ARB or electric. I wouldn't waste time and money on a LS.
ARB if have the $$

i am going ausie in the front of my runner SAS with 85 mini axle (when done)
and a spool for the rear and its gonna be my DD.

Aussie only makes one for the rear if it's a 2nd gen 4 banger
This means the old lady is gonna want one for hers? ???

She gets into mall parking lots just fine without one. :flipoff2:
A cheap way to get some extra traction using Toyota parts... get a limited slip from an 86 - 92 Supra, $50 - $100, shim the clutch pack for more preload, you are good to go a little further. Some 93 and up have a Torsin/helical gear LS, not quite as cheap.
If "no compramise in on road driveability" is what he is after, then you have two choices in quality lockers. Toyota electric, or ARB.

Both cost more money than any of the other non-selectable/driver controlable options, but you can not have it both ways!

Good products and performance usually costs more money.

Good luck!

If it is a daily driver I vote for selectable. It will pay for itself in time through less wear on the rear tires.
For 1996+ 4Runners and Tacos there are only 2 options for the front diff. 1- Open 2- ARB. Detroit TrueTrac says it will fit, but the splines do not reach. The rear axles of these trucks are the same ol toyota 8". The best option is daily drivers are selectable rear and a selectable or limited slip for the front.
I had PowerTraxx at first, it was a good 400 locker, but now I have my real baby :) ARB Front and Rear, cant ask for anything more :) oh wait yes I can, can someone pay my 2800 cc bill hehe..

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