TLCA Events: Vehicle Inspection requirements

Jan 24, 2003
Columbia, MO
There were some questions on the Razorback milaing list about these, especially in regards to brake systems, and what contituted an emergency brake system that would meet TLCA requirements. I responded on list, but wanted to post here so that everyone had a chance to see this.

Firewood? Are you serious? Guys, guys, guys.....
How chapters follow the TLCA Safety Inspections is up to y'all. I can't be at all events to enforce them, nor do I care to be. But:
Safety should be a primary concern for everyone. If someone gets hurt due to a mechanical failure, not only can there be legal repercussions for both your chapter and TLCA, but you'll then have to live with whatever bad might happen. I've been at events where safety inspection-orlack thereof-resulted in trucks faling drmatically on the trail-ending in both cases with only totalled rigs. In both cases, no one was hurt, but that was only luck. It was definately a possibility for people to have been hurt or killed in both cases, and just luck that they weren't. Please take time to review the TLCA minimum safety requirements, and comply with them as best you can. The TLCA minimum safety requirements were developed over a long period of time both to maintian safety for all participants, but also to help TLCA be able to successfully aquire affordable event liability insurance. Ignoring them could potentially lead to TLCA losing the ability to secure insurance, which ultimately could close all TLCA events-not just yours or mine.
I can gurantee that firewood does not meet the letter of the inspection requirements-which I posted here twice already. Here they are again in their entirety:
and briefly, the brake portions:
Service Brakes: Must be able to stall engine when idling in 2nd gear (1st gear if 3 speed)

Parking Brake: Must be able to stall engine when idling in 3rd gear (2nd gear if 3 speed)

Brake Lights: Must be functioning properly

Please Read These!

tlca prez

razorback mailing list wrote:
"i remember the wheel chalk deal because they said we could have used a peice of fire wood to satisfy the requirements? ''

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