TLCA Board Meeting, Nov 16th

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Dec 23, 2002
Just wanted to note that the next TLCA Board meeting is Nov 16th.

And to prove that folks can be on the board and still wheel, I'll be facilitating this meeting while wheeling at the Hammers in CA.

Oh ya, uh huh.
Good Meeting.

Closed nominations for
EVP - Jennifer Lorincz
Western IR - Bruce Lutz
Eastern IR - Stu Hamilton
Secretary - Erik Christianson

Discussed Draft Budget for 2004 and confirmed the budget will drive our actions in 2004. The budget will allow: Contract renewals and approvals, web site hosting and e-commerce, new renewal strategy and all the other routine business for TLCA.

Confirmed Chapter in Good Standing forms and Rosters required in January but will not be implemented till February.

Next meeting, Dec. 14th.

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