TLC FJ40 Restoration

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May 28, 2012
Stockholm, Sweden
Hi All, Like some people, I have been dreaming of owing a 4X4 since I was a child. Recently, my dream came true and I bought a TLC FJ40 1983 from an Auction. It was a military vehicle and auctioned in February this year in Islamabad, Pakistan.
For the last few months, I have been very deeply studying the web and gone through many many websites/blogs regarding restoring FJ40. Also seen many threads here and the great work people are doing to give these Jeeps a second life. The restoring jobs some of the guys are doing are phenomenal. I am glued to these websites most of the day :)
I live and work in Stockholm, Sweden, so I will not be taking active part in the restoration. But I am extremely lucky to have a Dad who is also a petrol head. He is supervising this restoration on day to day basis.
Mechanically, the LC is in a fairly good shape. Original 2F engine is 225000 KM driven and is in working condition. The engine was general overhauled when it was around 190000 KM. We started the engine and did not give any problems. So far we replaced the front drum brakes with the disk brakes. Rear drum brakes are in a very good condition. Power steering has been installed. New Carburetor has been installed as the old one was badly repaired many times. We also changed all the tie rod ends. Rear shock absorbers replaced with new ones. All four leaf springs have been disassembled, cleaned and reinstalled. All rubber bush with shock absorbers and leaf springs have been replaced.
I went to Pakistan for vacations in April and my Dad and I started disassembling the LC by ourselves. We completely disassembled the LC in two days and then cleaned almost all the parts. The LC was repainted at least three times during the last 31 years. And it was painted not very nicely. The green paint was on each and every part of the LC. It had to be removed through paint remover, gas operated flame gun, wire brushes and thinner. There was no rust on the frame at all. Except for the three, four places, the body was also rust free.
We washed the frame and all main body parts so that when the parts will be given to the body shop, they must be cleaned.
Our end objective is to restore this legend to its original stock specifications. One major change will be from soft top to hard top. I would like to keep the existing 2F engine. Two things on which I would like everyone to guide me are following;
I would like to install a customized EFI and CDI system on this engine for better fuel economy and performance. Using it on carburetor on long run is out of question. Second and important thing is to soften up the suspension. FJ40 is quite bumpy and since I will be using it on daily basis, so I would like it to be soft like new SUVs.
I will be uploading new pictures on this thread as my Dad will send me the updates from Pakistan. But I will be waiting for all sorts of comments and questions from all you 4WDrivers.
Some pics before disassembling
If you don't want the soft top and bows you might wanna consider posting them for sale on this site. Someone will nab them pretty quickly.

Stoked to see your progress!

The soft top and the all the original bows plus rear doors are in Islamabad, Pk. Back in Pakistan, these things are easy to find as there is a huge market there for these parts. If anyone interested to buy and pay the shipping, we can discuss.
Great project I'm currently restoring a 41 and would love the soft top esp a green one if Alaska60 don't have them would you be happy to sell them to me and ship to England

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