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Oct 5, 2003
Saratoga Lake, NY
If anyone is interested the TLC (cable) channel is showing 1 hour of 4 wheeling right now.... :doh: Very Cool!! :cheers:!
Yes, I am torn b/t that and victoria secret fashion show.

It's arm chair 4 wheeling at it's best...
19Nov2003 (UTC -8)

Thanks for the heads-up! I've seen that before, but I always like seeing it again. I like the Arctic Trucks with the HZJ-80 crossing Antartica, and the Baja race.
I love watching that kind of stuff...
If I only had the time and $$$$...
The coolest wheeling I've ever seen on my TV is a video one of the 80s Cool guys made about 4 years ago from the Moab trip. Great soundtrack (Peter Gabriel's "Sledgehammer") and some excellent video of wheeling 80s. Well worth the $20 or so I think it cost. Some of you guys might be on it.


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