TLC 100 electrical antenna modification.

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Nov 4, 2017
Hi guys,

I am wondering, is someone modified genuine electrical antenna work? In genuine system the antenna runs out, when i turn on the radio on and runs in, when i turn radio off and when radio is playing, then i can adjust the antenna manually. I want to do the system totally manual mode, that meens, when i push the button, the antenna runs out, and when i want, the antenna runs in. I know how i can do it, but i am wondering, is there maybe some wire or something else from factory setting, how it works like that or have someone some kind electrical instruction, how to do that nicely and correctly?

Hi, can't you just snip the one wire from the radio that controls antenna?
I don't have a wiring harness diagram but someone might chime in...
yours may differ. I'd clip at relay before I went for the back of the stereo
Jep, i thought to disconnect the right wire from radio plug, but i don´t know, wich one is the right one. That diagram i don´t understand so well. This one is navigation system diagram? Maybe the antenna work and solution is the same, as without nav system.

I found this diagram and to me it seems 2Din stereo, but the harness itself is the same in 1Din stereo also i hope. Pin 13 has to be the one what will runs the antenna? I think, i have to disconnect the pin 13 and connect with permanent power supply.
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it has it's own relay, #13 is probably correct, it's a signal wire. But you do not want to send 12vdc down that wire.
Look at your relay and see if it looks like the relay above. It's behind the glove box on left hand drive models, not sure about right hand drive if that's what they have over there. The plug has 18 pins, some will be empty.

I have left hand drive car. I think i will diconnect then the 13pin from the radio plug and then the antenna relay wont understand signal from radio. If the antenna has own relay, that means the power suppy is there anyway, when ingnition is turned on and i can adjust antenna from up/down button. Its almost what i want.

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