TJM type 13 steel multi fit winch bar

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Jun 9, 2006
Okinawa Japan
Recently bought this winch bumper used.

What Warn electric winch model will fit this bumper?
Does anybody on this forum have same bumper?



Nice find over here in the land of the rising sun!
I bet typical 9K and 12K should fit with no problem. Looks very stout, indeed.

Good find!
Seen any for a hilux?
Seen any for a hilux?

Hello Matt

Nice to hear from you again. When are you going to come out wheeling with us?

Sorry I have not seen one for a hilux surf; but then I don't check the auction for surf parts.
Here is a link:
Yahoo!?????? - ????????????

The folks from TJM got back with me today.
Here is what they said.
OK now let's find a goos used winch.

>Should fit all ox electric winchs and warn 8000 / 9000 / m8274 high mount

OK now let's find a used Warn winch.

If I ever get a day off, I'm ready for some wheeling! Of course, I'll have to bum a ride with someone, my hilux isn't going far off road.

Hey if you see any of the short sunvisors / overhead console with the compass let me know. I wantto use that console housing to fab a custom mount for a scanguage when I get home.

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