tjm swingout tyre carrier

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Got any pictures? I'm interested pending a shipping quote. Give me some rough dimensions and a weight. May have you cut it in half and ship it that way depending on size.

Put me in line! I am interested if this is for a FZJ80. Shipping to Arizona (85234)? Pics?
If this is the one used on the stock bumpers and if they pass, I'll take it. Pay pal?
this is a tjm tyre carrier for tjm rear bumper

this is a tyre carrier for a tjma rear bumber

tjm part number : 875SB20R80A, this does not include the license plate relocation kit which is still on the truck and I cant remove becaues I threw away the factory stuff, hate it when that happens.
I just did a guess on dims and weight of 36" x 24" x 12" and 30 pounds...$10.43 shipping via FedEx to my office.

How do you want paid? I sent you an email...

Has this been sold? If not, I'll take it.


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