tires for sale

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post ho
Feb 10, 2004
Derwent Alberta
285/75R16 TRUXS on rims
70-80% tread left
quiet on the highway
perform decent in the bush
32" tall
will fit stock easily or look acceptable on lifted trucks
$600 for 4
hey Wayne, want me to cut and paste this on the southern ontario toyota truck forum/parts section? for more local hits?
speakin of which, i too have tires/rims that i need to get rid off..
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sure, post away ...
i have confirmed that the machine shop will be ready to tackle the job the following week, we can get all the parts for the rebuild that week EXCEPT the timing gears so we will inspect and maybe reuse the old gears if still in nice shape.

give me lots of notice if this isn't going to work for you.
(testing uploading pics....)

still got these tires wayne? if so, here's some pics for those interested.

(sheesh, downloading just these 2 took 10 minutes on my very outdated old apple laptop... just getting caught up with summer pics, which include the big rebuild of the 2F! i'll have to figer something out to get that thread goin...)


40 section! you'll be the first to know Wayne!

ugggh, i tried downloading them on to my's at a stupid slow pace that's if it doesn't get interrupted, then it puts it in a different order, arggh! i know i can't upload straight to an attachment cuz that's gonna take forever (as per above test)! i have 140 pics to share!! they're all organized, i might burn them on a usb key and move to another computer, sheesh.

i really need a new computer. downloading the 500 pics from the summer has maxed out my memory..and things are so freakin slow now...:bang:
yeah, that's what i've been doing, but getting them on to photobucket's is what's been a pain in the butt. for some reason, it's taking forever or not downloading at all. (honetsly, i think my old G4 is just too outdated now, memory is maxed out and slowing everything down even more...) i've burned the pics on a disk and trying another computer, then on to photobucket...

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