tires for my cruiser?

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Jan 17, 2005
I found some tires for my cruiser, but I dont know if there worth buying. there 33X10.5x15 tls m+s. theguy is asking 255.00$ for them (4). heres a pic.
I would pass on them but I am cheap.

I dont know how hard it is to find 10.5 wide (if thats what you need/want) But 12.5 wide can be found alot cheaper.. I would say no more than $200.

Hope this helps.
the guy said about 80%

I saw those on ebay and if I were close by I would already clicked the "buy it now". Didn't that also include some rims??
they dont come with the rims, I wouldnt want or have a need for heep rims. so you guys think its a good deal? I'm trying to get some more pics from the guy, but hes being really slow about it. the tires are about 140 mile drive one way, I asked if the seller if he could met half way, I think im just going to buy them, I hate to do it without seeing more pics thow.
one more thing how many miles do you guys think are left on them?
just put those same tires on my 40 and love them off road. On the street, they weren't bad at all, but haven't put too many street miles on them. For $250, that is a great deal for those.
heres another pic
Hi All:

In that first photo I believe that is quarter ($00.25 cent coin) in the tread; it seems deep enough to me!

$255 sounds like adecent deal if you can pick 'em up.

33X10.5R15s should mount fine on your stock FJ40 rims.

Good luck!

thanks for the replys. has anyone eles ran these tires? when I get my cruiser back toghter it will be like an every other day driver and it will see a very good amount of wheeling.
so I got the tires today, they are like new.

I was looking at them and I was thinking about cuting some new voids, I dont know if it would help. anyone ever cut tires before?

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