TiredIron's rear bumper build

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Sep 7, 2005
Kingsport, TN
I thought I would start a thread for this, I removed some of the plastic parts last night and started planning out what i'm going to do.

I was really hopeing one of our vendors would make me an awesome deal for advertising their logo on my rig..oh well.
I'm looking forward to this! Tell ya what, I'll let you put your bumper and your logo on MY truck when you are finished. :D :flipoff2: :D
Are you planning to cut the crossmember and tuck up the new bumper?
duct tape is not that expensive. That's how i've been patching mine back on. I finally just removed it.
It gets interesting back there real quick.
Watch out for the bolt holes as you can quickly be cutting into them.
I choose to stop just short of the bolt hole.
I had my back piece bent 3 times.
1 " with a 90 -
Flat top about 6"
110 bend back and down
3" flat
TiredIron- have you seen bottom shots of the 4x4 labs bumper? You should look at those before you begin. I firmly believe he has the best bumper on the market, if you don't mind the wait and the cost. The wings for the side actually wrap down and around the frame making HUGE skid plates and super stong wings.

I can get you whatever pics you like.
That would be my first choice be cause of better departure angle but right now I just can't afford one.

I definately feel 'ya on that one. The only reason I got mine was because of a big, fat refund from uncle sam.

To me the departure angle is only part of the reason I'd choose it over any other bumper. Those big skids is at least half of my reason. Lets face it, I'm never going to be as hardcore as half of you guys. This truck is my daily driver, and I can't beat up on it like I did my 60 series. I just can't afford to have extensive down time on it for repairs. So armor is my friend.

Also, the tire is tucked in about as tight as you can go to the body. I didn't want something waving around out there in back of my truck ( like the IPOR carrier, I'm sure the IPOR bumper is a good bumper, but that tire carrier needs to be re-worked).
If I could do my rear bumper over I would focus on weight. if I were to do my sliders again I would focus on weight.

If I were to do my rear bumper again I would do something with tube like metaltech did on their orange cruiser with 37's. something light and simple. every time I go wheeling in this thing I am reminded that she is 5800 lbs with every climb. I almost want to tear off all my body armour and feel the diff without all the weight. (gears or portals would be nice too)
I hear you but let me give some thought.
I have my sliders and rear bumper off right now.
My driveshafts and making some funny noise do to the aggrevated angles.
My 80 rides like a 60, very harsh ride.
Once loaded up with sliders and rear bumper it rides much smoother and DS vibrations are gone.
I'm liking where this is going, got any shots from the side? Planning on bracing that wing through the body or cutting that chunk out?
The side wings are interesting - are you leaving contact to the body? That is a strong section and would be good for bracing, but you are also connecting the frame to the body with no dampening - not a good recipe for NVH.

For those looking to save weight, I just love the basic principles of this design. I am thinking through something similar that will also accommodate my general distaste for side wings. They make an 80 look "hippy", and not in a 1960's kind of way, as well as a rear tow/extraction point. Tube is always your friend for a rig that is a pig out of the box.

The bottom pic is the 4x4 labs bumper - somebody was requesting it in a post above.
Rear Tube Bumper.jpg
4x4 Labs Bumper Inside.jpg
I have to take a little of the angle out and cut the angle on the rear of the wing. Once I get the wing like I want it I'm going to bend up some hoops out of 1.5" tubeing and run it up to just above the marker light. I will notch it to slide down over the outside edges of the wing.

I'm really just designing as I go, but I am going to make it "bolt-on" to go with my "Disposable Body" concept.
Here's what I did, PO had cut rear of frame. I used 1 3/4 tube with some recovery points welded to the frame. Used the metaltech truck as a guide. I like it...nice and light
small ih.jpg
small ih2.jpg

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