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Jan 12, 2003
Dec 79 FJ-40

I need some education on proper tires and wheels for my cruiser. I would like to buy as large as possible without additional lift or any body cutting. The fenders are original and I would like to keep them that way. I currently have a 2 1/2 inch shackle lift with Goodyear 31-10.50 R15 AT/S and need help knowing what my options are in Mud tires (or close). My cruiser will see occasional pavement, I don’t want bead-lock rims or exceptionally wide tires and money is scarce. I also want to mount a 5th on my original spare arm so I assume that limits choices as well. So far Thornbirds, SuperSwampers, Boggers and the narrow Military styles as have caught my eye purely based on looks . Can you help me understand what my options are and why? Also, what is a good source for members to get our tires and save a few bucks without getting junk? Thanks in advance…Josh

Oh, one other question, I want to put a minimal alarm system on it to at least deter vandals. I saw one that uses "doppler" to form a protective "field" I guess that if someone reached in the vehicle when the top is off the alarm would sound. Is this legitimate or am I missing something? Thanks Josh :-/


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Jan 15, 2002
Toquerville UT
Super Swamper Radial, 33x10.5x15, 15x8" rims with 3.5" or 3.25" backspacing. Nice ride, great traction, smooth hum on the highway, and should fit without sheet metal trims on yer rig.
Oct 11, 2002
Denver, CO
I'm running 33x10.50 BFG Mud Terrains (on 15x8 Genuine Steel Rock Crawler rims) on my '78 FJ40 with the 4" Skyjacker with no problems.

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