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Sep 7, 2005
Bought new Michelins Cross Terrains for the Cruiser (stock size 275/70 R16) and I am considering putting them on my 2003 Suburban (I know, it's GM :eek: ) with a stock size of 265/70 R16, w/7" rim.

Will a .56" difference in diameter have any ill effect on anything other than speed (1.7MPH faster on speedo at 65MPH)?

275's fit a 7" rim?

Any concerns with ABS or computer function?

I am between BFG's ATs and Revo's for the cruiser (285/75 R16).

No problems or mods needed at all with 285/75 R16's? Right? Max tire size (diameter) without mods? Right? (Yes, I did a search but looking for confirmation incase I missed something)

Should I buy 5 or just 4 tires and use an old tire for a spare? Any reason to go with a matched spare if I don't intend to include it in tire rotation (the rim for the spare is ugly and oxidized)?


Guess I am being a bit obsessive about this but you know....par for the chorus.
Nov 3, 2004
Charleston, SC
I think that on a Suburban they can recailbrate the speedo electronically at the dealer. I do not see why that extra inch would be a problem.

285's fit on a stock cruiser just fine. I have the Duelers and love them. A little better onroad than the BFG's. I would not hesitate to get the BFGs at all though.

Buy 5 tires even if you do not rotate the 5th one in. If you get a flat running with a smaller diameter tire on an AWD truck is not recommended.
Feb 9, 2004
Buffalo Grove, IL
I'd seriously consider the Yokohama Geolandars as well. Discount has them almost $50-60 less per tire. I've been driving on them all day and they feel just like my REVOs I have on my Rodeo. Other than my .02 there, if you don't check out the Yoko's, def. go for the REVOs.

Oh yeah, I'm stock height and the 285's look great with no rubbing even close.

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