tire storage question


Jun 30, 2004
newport RI
ok here is the deal i have a set of 2 year old b fg mt's 285 r16 on custom16x8 fj40 hubcapped wheels that I want to store in that
A) I have a new set of wheels and am planning on some 315 r16 mtr's
B) i want to save the bfg mt's for an fj45 project (down the raod a year or so but I am really starting from the ground up by starting with the tires and wheels:)

so my question is what is the best way to store these tires for a year or so?stached on top of each other in the garage. that is unheated or climate controled. stachted in the basement which has 2 gas funaces and never gets below 45 in the winter or above 55 in the summer.

Thanks for any and all advice. I really don't watn to sell them in that while they only have 6000 mile son the them the fronts are cupped a bit from having to drive a month with a bent tie rod so they are not perfect and would be gret for my futrue fj45 project.

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