tire sizes on 1996 80 series

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Mar 8, 2009
Wondering if anyone know if you can put a 15 inch rim on a 1996 with stock suspension. what about 17 inch or 18?
15" - The short answer is, "No." The short reason is due to interference with the brake calipers.

There are some people who have taken exception to this and done some crazy stuff to get around it.

17" and 18" - Yes if you can find 6 bolt rims with the right offset. See Lx_treme.

What tires are you trying to fit that you don't want to use 16x8" rims for anyway?
I am looking for options in tires. I would like to buy some used tires and possibly rims. I basically need tires bad.
if you are on a budget stick with 16's

plenty of used 265 75 16 and 285 75 16 tires out there

and new 16's will set you back a lot less $$$ than same dia tire for a 17 or 18 inch rim
I am looking for options in tires. I would like to buy some used tires and possibly rims. I basically need tires bad.

That statement strikes me as incongruous.

If you have no budget to where you can't afford new tires, then you shouldn't be shopping rims (new or used).

If you have some budget, new tires should take priority over bling rims.

If you have budget for new rims, putting used tires on them is like flushing money down the toilet. Blow a tire, spoil a rim and then you have 3 rims... bad all around.

If you're on a budget, 265/75R16 tires are not exactly stock but fit real well and the diameter is about as close as you're going to get to stock. They're common tires and can be sourced on a budget. I have 265/75R16 on my wife's truck and they fit/ride very nice.

Remember, whatever size you do go with, you will need a matching full sized spare. Be sure to put that in your calculations.

With Grench on this. Most tires are not available in 275/70 - 16 stock size but almost all are in 275/75-16 which is very common. If I were on a budget, I'd do the 265s in a hearbeat compared to what you're thinking about.

Another option I have seen, and contemplated, is craigslist for new take offs from a 4runner or Sequoia. I used to see sets for @ $300~$400 with good rubber remaining on them. Folks buy that new truck, and them immediately go for broke on new 20's, then dump the OE wheels.

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