Tire size for a 3b h55 bj42

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Nov 13, 2007
Ontario, Canada
I'm looking into tire for my resto, and was wondering what people's experiences were. I think I have about 2" of lift, suspension is of unkown origin althought It may be from ome judging from the wraps.

My first thought would be for 33x 10.5 bfg at. I will be doing some highway. Any suggestions to a more agressive at capable in winter would be nice!

Am I headed for trouble with a 33" tire? Rims will be 15".
I have 255/85/16 toyo mt's on my 42. ( 5 speed 4.1 diffs )

Pretty much the same as a 33 10.5.

Drives nice. I rarely go over 90 kph as I live on an island, but it puts along happily at 80-85 in 4th. I don't use 5th all that often.

I have a turbo and I can get up to 100 easy enough, just not in that big a rush usually.
33 skinny is nice for a NA 3B H55F.
a true ice radial is the best for winter driving, once you try them you will never go back to an AS or a normal winter tread.
I know nothing about ice driving but for all other conditions I like the 33 x 10.5 BFG Baja on my BJ 42

Just put a set of bfg at 33 x 10.5's on. They do have the mountian snowflake symbol so they are ice rated. A friend has a set on a chevy and he loves them in the snow. I'll post more when I get a better chance to test them out. I will say they steer way easier than the almost dead 31 x 10.5 bfg mt's that I just took off. Amd they look better too. Ome 2" lift. One drive. No rubbing. Yet ;)
Lots of the locals around here run the Goodyear duratracs. They have winter sipes, but still fairly aggreassive.
I have 235/85/16 Cooper STT on my bj42 daily driver. Great tires, good looking,
excellent in mud!!

Here you can see them in mud-action and how they look.


750/16 for the work truck look.

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