Tire size converter

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Awfully Cool !!
Nice tools. I make sure to use them when selecting new tires.
OK, so according to the 2nd one, my 305/70R16's are pretty close to 33's by 12 wide?

2nd part to question... if my speedo is reading 80km/h, and I'm actually doing 90km/h - how much does this throw off my Odo? (12%?)

Oh, and is there an easy way to stop my front left from rubbing my steering "bits"?
MrMofo, yes 305's are close to 33's. If it is reading 80 and you are doing 90, then 90/80 is 1.125 or 12.5%

You'll have the ask the 40's group about your last question. Often times there is a steering "bump stop" that restricts the amount you can turn but I don't know if they had that technology back then.:flipoff2:

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