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Jun 25, 2003
Rixeyville, VA
Question. i am about to be taking my moms 80 and driving it as she is getting a new 2000. i plan on at least putting a new cdplayer in it and new tires maybe a winch somehow. my question is on what tires to use. it wont be lifted, if it matters but... i will doing moderate off road not a whole lot. i'm looking for something with a little more meat then the BFG a/t but not as aggresive as say a wrangler M/T any suggestions...if there is nothing in between what would be better, more or less tread. thanks
look at bridgestone dueler revos, great tire. I love mine! :D
I was thinking about putting Bridgestone Dueler AT 285's on mine till I saw the Revos at the dealer. They look a little flatter (less height increase?) than the AT's. Any thoughts?


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Here ya go. A radial with attitude. :D
doctorj- I'm confused. The Bridgestone Dueler A/T Revo *is* an A/T tire. What two tires are you comparing here? I just put the 285 Revos on and they look and perform great! The best combination for on/offroad I could find.
bfg-mt/km is nothing more than an aggressive AT tire...sipe the center lugs for better wet/snow/ice traction and daily drive them.....it's what I have on my daily truck.
Alaska -
The 285 Dueler AT's on the wife's Yukon XL and the 31 x 10.5's I have on the 84 FJ60 look exactly like the Bridgestone desert duelers that have been around 10+ years. The AT Revo tires I saw at the dealership have a tread pattern that looks like a SUV version of a corvette tire (lots of long diagonal slices all the way across the tread) but deeper and more aggresive.

Confused. jay :-\
just get the interco trxuss mt's
already siped, drive pretty nice on the highway and nice tread for offroad :D

Seriously, did they balance up OK? I've heard that the Interco tires are difficult to balance and 80's seem to be very sensitive to tire balance.

How many miles have you run on them and what do you think over-all about them?

Inquiring minds want to know ;)

I ran the Dunlop Grandtek AT2. A Premium Allrounder with some very good test results from Offroad-Freaks. :cheers:

I only know 2 dudes that run the TrXus and out of their 8 used tires, I've heard about 3 complete belt failures within the first 2,000 miles. No thanks. :flipoff2:
Nice, what are it?

Oh, BTW, I'm parched ;)
[quote author=cruiserdan link=board=2;threadid=8668;start=msg75095#msg75095 date=1071266059]
Oh, BTW, I'm parched ;)

Oh Man I've been a mess lately ::). However in my defense I don't have a team of people in a shipping department.

Those are Pro Comp X-Terrains. They are a directional siped mud and snow tire. They fit nicely into my rotation schedule ;). When I get them mounted I'll post a pic if I can remember.
[quote author=landtank link=board=2;threadid=8668;start=msg75093#msg75093 date=1071265907]
While we are showing off tires...I just got these. $715.00 shipped to my door. Haven't mounted them yet.[/quote]

If I'm not mistaken , for those that are wondering , LT is running the 315's .

Question : Whereja getdum ? Shipping free at all ?





I just put Procomp Xterrains on last night!! ::)
They are 285/75R16. I will post some pics next week and let you know how they worked in the snow this weekend. I f I get the stupid shock on!!!!!!! :( :(


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