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Feb 9, 2006
SW Idaho
I just purchased a 92 with 190,000 miles. I took it in yestergay to have the alignment checked and they informed me that the right front tire rod needs to be replaced. Before I get this done I was hoping someone could give me an idea about how much this will rum me?
Just had one replaced and it was around $160.
its pretty easy to do yourself. I replaced all four of mine the two tie rods ends and the draglink ends also....with new rods cause the were rusted on. You can get all four rod ends from slee for $100. The labor might take an hour or so. you should check that all the others are not worn as well.
IF you truly need one, replace them all. You can save a bunch of money by doing it your self, but it can be a PITA if you've never done it and/or don't have the right tools/experience. Then get an alignment and don't worry about tie rod ends for another 80K miles.

You could do it yourself easily if you have tie-rod end removal tool or a pickle fork (about $10 each). Do one side at a time. If you're replacing with OEMs, just count the number of threads so you could put it back where it was - might get you away from re-alignment (or get it checked/done to be sure)

Takes about an hour to do all four; but I live in California - what do I know about rust...

How does one know if their tie rods / ends should be replaced?

My alignment is good, but I live in the land of rust.


You take your LC in for an alignment and they tell you that you need a new tire rod ASAP. In fact they are so nice about it they don't charge you for the alignment because they know you are going to have to do it again.

In other words, pure luck.
I'm getting my tie rod, drag link, and tie rod ends replaced next week at Slee Offroad. Give him a call .. Tel (888) 4X4 Slee

Hayes said:
How does one know if their tie rods / ends should be replaced?


Torn boots ensures the replacements! If your frontend or steering wheel shakes on highspeed ramps/curves, that might be it.

If the tierod ends are bad enough, you could also check by jacking one front tire up, and give it a good shake at 9 and 3 o'clock - if there's any play, replace them.

Of course, there are always other variables, but you get the idea.

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