Tire psi in meats

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Dec 31, 2002
Yes I have a set of 36" by 14.5 swampers tsl's whatt is everyone running for tire pressure on the road .I have them set at 24lbs and thought It would ride smoother :dunno:
see the tech section, right column, bottom article I think is on tire pressures

my 38.5x14.5 SX's are rated at 3370# PER TIRE at 30 psi ....my rig weighs 4100# total.

3370# x 4 = 13480#
4100# / 13480# = .304
.304 x 30 psi = ~9 psi

I run mine at 10-12 psi road and 4-5 psi trail. Basically, you play with the pressures to get them to track well, some tires like lower, some higher. I used the above to get a starting point, then played with it from there.
Thanks woody I will look at the formula didn't even think you would have that in the tech section.You have it all figured out thanks :bow:

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