Tire fit question, did some searching but...

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Jan 7, 2006
through the river and over the woods.
...I only came up with older threads. Also checked the FAQ but I wanted to be certain. Not to sure if its been hashed out to no end already however, I'm wondering if 285/75/16s will fit on an otherwise stock FJC that has the TRD wheels? Trying to pawn off my tires on a friend so I can get 35s :D
you need a 3" lift to run them on stock wheels (17") without rub-But if the TRD's are 16...? I'd throw em on and see if you already got em'
im running 285/75/17 MT on my stock fj with no rub issues even under extreme compression they will fit stock no doubt...im wanting to upgrade to 35s once i get my lift because with a lift I think they would be too small.
every tire is different. I ran 285 revos and they never touched. I went to 295 nitto's and had to do the body mount chop.

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