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Oct 5, 2003
Hi gang,

This is Moby again. 1992 fj80 with 142K miles. All stock except stereo. I forst looked into this board couple months ago and am hooked now. every night I come from work and see what new has been posted. I asked some questions a month or so ago and everyone enthusiastically replied. Thanks!

I did soemthing kinda stupid the other day. I needed new tires and an alignment so I was going to pep boys, saw a cherry red 91 FJ80 for sale with FJZ80 wheels (16" vs my 15"). Called up the owner and Lord knows why decided to call the owner to ask if he was interested in a wheel swap. Lo and behold he agreed for $150.00. Since mine was missing all center caps, I figured it was a good deal. Alas, 16's are more expensive than the 15's would have been. Rear tires are Yokohama geolander in decent shape, front two are dry rotted firestones. (All 15s on my truck were dry rotted too but they were 31x1050x15s and made the truck stand out) These tires are more like passenger car tires. Anyways, long story short. Now I have 16" wheels. Y'all must be wondering where in the world is this guy going with this story, so here it is:

I went to Pep boys and decided, might as well get new tires in front to replace the rotten firestones. THEY REFUSED SERVICE because these wheels are not in the factory spec as displayed by their computer. Ooooops I thought, have I made a bad decision this morning? I really like the 16s but not if I cannot get tires installed. What do you guys think? I am thinking, let me put the yokohamas in front to match the rear. Is that a good idea? why would someone put different tires in front and back?

Any suggestions?

Second story. I asked those pep boys to check and fill all the fluids. they told me that it is a good idea to flush the front diff oil because it is very dirty. I asked to look at it, and what I saw was not very happy. oil had grease in it making it look like used motor oil. Does that mean my inner seals are dead? or is it normal for an old dude like my truck to behave like that (Mix grease with diff fluid)? They casually informed me that bearings also need to be packed on front tires blah blah blah... total 700 dollars. i told them thanks, but no thanks. Just do the God Blessed alignment, fill the fluids, and return my best friend to me. It seems too high for them to replace front brakes and pack bearings for $700.00

My fj80 is slooooooow. Slower in pickup and git go compared to some 91 fj80s that I have driven. But I love it! MY 92 FJ80 ROCKS! I come home every day and am more satisfied than ever because I love to drive it. Maybe I can find a good mechanic in Houston who would tune/time it well and take care of it.

Last month I disected the entire front interior to replace all old dim bulbs in the dash, odometer, thermostat area, and installed a Sony mp3 player, integrating it with factory speakers (which by no means rock). So if any body has a dash or a stereo question, email me. I would love to help you. I have taken the entire dash apart at least 20 times to try different stereos or to replace strange bulbs.

take care every body. I love this board!
Jun 16, 2003
Regarding the tires, obviously you need to go to a different tire store. If you are hooked on pep boys then take the wheels off of your truck, take them to pep boys, and tell them they came off whatever vehicle they need to hear.

Yes your inner seals are leaking. Do a search on birfield repack to get the procedure. The job is labor intensive and will cost accordingly. Keep in mind all the grease that washed out is no longer lubricating the birfields. So you may not want to delay.

Mar 31, 2003
Phoenix Oregon
by all means not a solution but at least get some grease in the birfields for now and keep your diff fluid level checked until you can replace the seals and do the bearing repack yourself. don't be scared of it. if you can disect a dash you can disect a knuckle.
Holy shnikies. I forgot to say 3FE ROCKS


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Mar 27, 2003
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Here's what you tell Manny, Moe, and Jack..... :flipoff2:

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