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Aug 26, 2008
Hello all!

I have a 2001 LC that is driven mainly on road (highway 75mph), but I do want to take it off-road on the weekends, and into some fairly heavy snow in the winter. I also have been accused of thinking I am driving a sportscar so handling is important as well. I live in the Longmont area.

I currently have Mich LTX MS 275/70/16s on there and have beeen happy with them, but now I have to replace all 4 and am considering my options.

I like the more "aggressive" and wide tire look but I know that this sometimes comes at the cost of low tread life, and highway noise.

I woudnt mind going to a 305/70/16 ish profile.

I am considering the Nitto Terragrappler or???

Suggestions? Comments on handling, wear, etc?

Thanks all!!!!!!!!!
search and read one of the hundreds of threads on this topic. you'll find that they are great tires and quite a few hundy's run them.
Thanks for the reply. Yes, I looked at the posts and there are a lot. I decided to specifically post this question because I was suffering from information overload and had some very specific things that I care about. I hope to get some posts from people who have owned both tires and have experience on both.

My LC felt like a different vehicle once I got rid of the city slicker Michelins. Personally, driving in Colorado, I probably wouldn't go any bigger than 285's without re-gearing. I have BFG AT/KO's now, but I need new tires and am thinking about trying the Duratracs next, I'm not unhappy with the AT/KO's in any way, but I would like a change of pace.
285s Yokohama Geolander ATs...have been great so far. I wouldn't go any bigger living in the mountains. Good luck with your purchase:)

BTW...buy sooner rather than later. I bought mine a year ago for a $140 a piece. Now, they are $190. I have had great service with Discount Tires.
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Get 285s or 295s in one of the following tires.

LTX A/T2 | Michelin Tires
Incredible all around tire with great tread life.

All-Terrain T/A KO | BFGoodrich Tires
In my biased opinion, the best tire you could put on a truck. Great on and off road. Don't pay attention to all the load range and snow rated BS. They are great regardless. Saw this tire more than any other at CM.

Don't get 305s. Your not wheeling it.
99 LC on tundy 18s, 285/65/18 Nitto TG's. Just got them on two days ago. Haven't taken them off road yet, but they drive soft, there is no road noise, and they look down right awesome to me.

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I put BFG AT on mine about 10,000 miles ago. I have been very pleased. I am not sure that there is any noticeable wear at 10k miles. I guess I expected these to wear out faster but I am pleasantly surprised. I went with 285's on 16" wheels and I am pleased with the size as well.

That is my real world experience.

I think when a tire has been on the market as long as the BFG A/T, consumers kind of grow bored with it. I know it was never my first choice for any other truck I owned but after doing some studying here on MUD about what works on the 100 series, it is hard to argue with success.

My vote is for Pirelli Scorpion ATR's. The highway ride is quiet and I've never had trouble with mud or snow when trail riding.
every tire thread is the same... "what's the best tire?" and everyone chimes with a different tire, usually the one on their truck right now. To answer the OP's questions best, let him know if you have experience with more than one tire on your cruiser or if you feel your tires work well in the snow.
every tire thread is the same... "what's the best tire?" and everyone chimes with a different tire, usually the one on their truck right now. To answer the OP's questions best, let him know if you have experience with more than one tire on your cruiser or if you feel your tires work well in the snow.

I have run Bridgestone Revos and Revo 2's on mine. I also drive aggressively on road. They have been almost unstoppable for me in snow and handle great on the road too. I am very confident with wet handling.

I have 285's right now and I hear warning alarms every time I go around a highway ramp. Never did with the stock tire size.

I think I will go with a cheaper tire next round.
I am driving an 80 now, so YMMV, but I have the DuraTrac in a 285 size and it is a fantastic snow and ice tire, slightly more noisy than BFG AT's, but also better off-road and in inclement weather. However, it is only available in the larger sizes in the E rating, so it is a tire that is rated for heavier vehicles, and consequently rides a little firmer when pumped up to 40-45psi. I have driven on the Michelin LTX and the BFG AT and would purchase the DuraTrac for combined use, but would not purchase if on road characteristics are much more important to you than all-around use. I have not owned Nitto yet, so cannot give you a comparison.
Second vote for Bridgestone Revo2.

Great on the road and trail. Good in the Snow.

In Longmont my guess is even in winter you are dealing with mostly dry roads. I've used my Revos in two blizzards over Vail pass and felt safe.

My first set I replaced at 60k. They had plenty of tread for summer driving but I needed new tread for winter.

I won't go cheap or even the "value" route with tires. They are the most important safety item on the vehicle and key to the handling and performance. That said cheaper tires replaced more often can have advantages.
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Toyo M/Ts with 30k on Vail Pass in a storm...moderate pucker factor.
I second that. Toyo's 285-75x16. 12k, one serious Idaho/Montana winter. Rock solid in snow and crappy weather. No road noise. No rubbing, no hassle.;)

Michelin for highways exclusively. They last forever. Stability on snow ok and controllable, but without the solid feel i get from the toyo's...michelins were ltx a/t's.

If you really want to go off road but maintain good highway speed go for the Revo's.....Excellent product....get the heavy load range. I got an 06 in November with brand new LTX MS 17's.... I fly in the city so these tires suit my current life style....occasionally they see sand at the beach. I drive over concrete barriers all the time...they work pretty reasonably.

Another option is to buy off road tires from Tire Rack, or Costco and just have them swapped on as needed. Keep the LTX tires for your DD.
I got the new Cooper S/T-Maxx tires. A little more aggressive than an all terrain but not as much as a mud terrain. Grips really well off road and drives nice and quiet on road.

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