Tire clearance mod OEM front bumper

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Apr 24, 2010
Has anyone had any good results cutting the bottom of a FZJ80 OEM bumper for improved tire clearance? I was thinking about cutting about the bottom 2" off, fab some new or modify the bumper mounts, fab some end cap cross braces, & attach the ends to the center with the same bottom bolts, but just 2" higher. The only draw backs I can think of is the bumper will be not as strong & the area around the tow hooks will be more exposed. Any thoughts?
tire clearance for putting a spare under the rear bumper or clearance for the bumper on rocks?
search for washer mod for spare
if you want more clearace on rocks search for bobbed rear....not much strength in the factory bumper.
Watch out for your a/c condenser (think that is the right term) or move it inside the hood.
woops,,,sorry, didn't read FRONT bumper.
Guess I could reinforce the lip with a tube.

That is pretty close to what I was talking about. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. Time to get the saw out.

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