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Nov 29, 2008
i know i can ask 100 people and get a different answer from most, but i'm in the market for tires again. i started with bfg mud terrains, loved them for the most part. then went to the pro comp x terrains i have now, great off road ok on. both lasted similar mileage 30,000+ but my jeep has recently become a wheeler only, not my daily driver any more ;D . so with the exception of the drive to moab in the fall my jeep won't see to much street driving except to and from the trails the next few years. so i'm looking at my options i'm leaning toward bfg km2's (35x12.5x15)or pit bull mad dog's (35x14.5x15).

bfg's are rated a 1/2 star better on the street but the pit bull's are rated 1 star better on the rocks but mud, sand, snow and trails they are rated the same. the wider tire will give me a wider foot print + lower c.o.g. but they will also be harder to turn.

any feed back on either tire would be great.
I've got the MadDogs in a 39 and love them...not much time on them yet, but they've impressed me thus far. Bias tho....

KM2's if you lean street, MadDogs if you are a trailer queen.
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