tire and wheels sizes and cominations

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Jun 25, 2003
Rixeyville, VA
I have a 1982 fj40 with stock wheels but 4 inch lift. with 35's i will loose to much power so 33's or great. i have 33 x10.5's right now, can i fit 11/5's on the stock wheels, i have seen 12.5's actually mounted on the same stock wheels but will 11.5's mount easily and stay on the stock wheel or should i get new wheels.
Personaly I think 10.5 is as wide as you should go, I only run 9.5 max on 15x6" stock rims. I ran 10.5's once and was unhappy with the slight drift to right that I had, swaped to 8" wheels and the drift went away, others have had no issue with the 10.5 on 6" wheels.....so they will disagree.

I would say NO to 11.5+.

John h
The guy I'm buying my 38.5x14.5 SX's has them on 8" wheels... so that's a 6" difference.

Persoanlly, I shoot for a 4" diff.. 14.5 on a 10", 12.5 on a 8", etc... keeps a good bead when aired down.

If bead retention is not your primary concern, a 2" difference in wheel/tire size with provide the best tracking, and road manners.

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