Tire Air Pressure

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Jan 23, 2008
East York, Canada
I have a set of 31x10.5x15 BF Goodrich AT's on stock 60 chrome rims. Since these tires aren't stock I'm guessing on what tire pressure to run at. I don't haul anything heavy inside (just me) or do any towing with it. What pressure should I be running at.
I'm just using it for driving to and from work on paved roads.
Howdy! Read the fine print. Close to the rim, it will say max load at max psi. I would guess that you should run between 32 and 35. John
Max pressure as stated on the sidewall for max load is 50 psi for this tire. I've been experimenting with different pressures.
Too much and the tire will catch the ruts in the road and go all over the place.
Too little pressure and the tires will feel mushy when cornering.
Right now I have them at 42 psi, and I think that's too much.....
Going to try 36 psi next.
I run mine at 36-40 psi FWIW. 235/75R15

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