Tips and Tricks for Newbies aka before asking, see here first.

Francis K

May 11, 2005
SE Michigan
These are all true with last one is probably the most true. Search engines remember your search's and will tailor your responses to what "IT" thinks you should see.

What is a forum?
To me its a place where people get together chat, share ideas and meet new people. Its a place where new people can find information. Where do you think the search engines tend to sent people who ask questions about Cruisers? I've searched out questions just to be pointed to a MUD thread that someone responded with "DO A SEARCH". On my 19 Tacoma, trying to find the best tire size that doesn't interfere with my electronics, I got pointed to another forum and most of the responses were "Do a search" and "OMG is that question being asked again?".

I've been reading forums (like most of you) since they were called bulletin boards. It seems in every single one I read there is a common theme, the people that have been on the forum quite a while get tired of seeing the same questions year after year. They respond with sarcasm, tell the new person just how stupid their question is and how they should have found it on their own or, my absolute favorite "Check the outdated sticky thread with the broken links". This isn't just here, I see it on all the forums I read.

If someone is asking a question that you think is redundant, don't answer if you cant be helpful.

This forum is the biggest resource for info on Land Cruisers in the world. Fortunately there are those who actually still help people. Before you jump in and say "Do a search" its possible they did or don't know how to get the correct info.

How many threads have we seen that start with "I already tried to search this"? That in itself says everything.

At this point every question asked about anything mechanical or electrical on a Cruiser has been asked multiple times. Take all of those away and look what's left.

Agreed 100%

I’ll say this, I’ve owned an 80 since I was 16 my LX was my first car in 2000 and even still I make stupid threads that have been answered a thousand times over. The main issue being that most of the old threads have dead links, discontinued parts or refer to vendors that are no longer around. My first 80 I didn’t build at all it was bone stock but my new one I am building up everything so even though I’ve owned an 80 longer than most it’s all still new to me pretty much….

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