timing cover oil leak on rebuilt 2F

Apr 16, 2002
So. Calif. (Moreno Valley)
I also posted this over on the 60 page. I appreciate all your advice and help during my recent 2F build. The rebuilt motor runs great and is working out fine. I however am having a bit of an issue with an oil leak around the front timing cover area. As an automotive tech by trade, its pissing me off to no end. AS I do all paper/cork gaskets, the clean block gets wiped with a rag with carb cleaner, then a continous 1/8" bead of good quality silicone then the gasket. Using this method I end up with a VERY small amount of silicone squished out when the component is buttoned up. This method has served me well. Thinking I screwed up, I pulled timing cover again and resealed it using a new Felpro timing cover gasket, same damn leak. The leak is coming from the timing cover or plate. All bolts are the correct lengh for their hole. The two large bottom bolts have silicone on them. The leak is NOT from the crank seal. When I installed the timing gear oiler, it lined up perfectly when screwed all the way in. The entire oil pan, including the corners is dry. The only thing I didn't use sealer on was one side of the plate gasket. Do you think this could be my oil leak source? I got distracted during this step and the plate gasket only ended up with sealer on the block side.

The leak will only happen when driven at higher rpm's for awile (freeway) and is two or three drop's per driving cycle. Any advice on what I'm missing here? Any known leaks from a faulty timing cover? Sorry for the long email, just want to give you as much info as possible.

Feb 16, 2007
Fort Collins
My 2Cents.

Make sure the cover has a flat surface with no bent edges. Let the silicone dry on the outside of the bead before barely pressing the cover and gasket together onto the block. Very lightly snug the bolts down... Let sit for several hours. Torque down after dry.


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Aug 31, 2004
The little oil squirter in the timing plate got screwed in too far...
It's not supposed to screw in tight, you peen it to keep it from unscrewing.

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