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Jan 11, 2011
Well I did my timing belt job this morning. Replaced tbelt,water pump, pulleys, tentioners, idlers, drive belt, radiator hoses, cleaned the t/body, replaced the valve cover gasket and tube seals. new plugs changed All the fluids to synthetic. It took me about 6 hrs with air tools. Thanks to this forum I saved alot time.
May 12, 2010
Northern Virginia
Sorry about all the questions I'm about to ask, but I'm planning to do the 90k some time in the next few months and curious about the experience. So here goes:

- Any tips to share?
- I guess if it only took 6 hours to do you must not have had any issues?
- Was this the first timing belt job you've done? Was this the biggest job you've done or you have a long history of wrenching?
- Have a parts list for what you replaced?
- Did you replace the pulleys and tensioners for both Tbelt and Drive belt or just for the Tbelt?
- Sounds like no cam/crank seals and no thermostat - care to share the rationale?
- Is it standard to replace the valve cover gasket and tube seals when changing the plugs?
- Around how much did all the parts end up costing?

Congrats on doin the job yourself in such short time! Saw that you just recently got the truck for an awesome price - must be a good feeling to have baselined it within a month of taking ownership.
Jan 11, 2011
This is not my first timing belt, but was my first toyota 4.7. I searched on Mud and found some great info including pictures. I removed the radiator only 4 bolts. I have access to a lift and air tools so this made the job much faster. I replaced all the tensioners/idlers for both the Tbelt and drive belt. I did replace the thermostat (forgot to mention). I chose not to replace the cam and crank seals based only on my personal experiances with these seals. I have found that if the seals are not leaking don't mess them. This is my personal choice based on 20yrs of working on cars (japanese). I replaced the valve covers gaskets and seals because the right bank was leaking, not required to do a tbelt. I got the parts from World Pac an OEM supplier for $478. I am glad that I have based lined the truck and can now focus on the details like removing the wood trim.
Jan 11, 2011
Here is the parts list.
1.timing belt kit (tbelt,water pump, idler and tensioner gaskets and orings) $180.31
2. drive belt $20.84
3. 8 ngk plugs $49.84
4. Radiator hose upper $16.26
5 Radiator hose lower $11.28
6. t/stat gasket $2.71
7. t/stat 14.75
8. assc belt tentioner $48.54
9. anti freeze $19.99
10. t/belt tensioner $34.64
11. Valve cover set (includes tube seals and gromets $51.59
12 air filter $8.85
13 oil filter $2.52

I have a very good friend who owns an independant Toyota/lexus repair shop. He gets me parts at cost.

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