Timing Belt 1HD-T vs 1HD-TFE

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Jan 13, 2004
Montréal, Canada
I own a HDJ100 powered with a 1HD-TFE

I live in Canada and I’m able to find locally a 13568-19195 timing belt which suit to (according to TOYODIY) the 1HZ and 1HD-T engine.

I know the 1HD-TFE timing belt had a different part # : 13568-19176. I can get this belt from US side or elsewhere but want to confirm these are or are not interchangeable. I’m just looking for the easiest way to get the belt. I’m not (too) thigh on my budget but always try to spend money wisely.
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According to partsouq for 100 series,

13568-19195 is for the 1HD-T
13568-19176 is for the 1HD-FTE
I saw a theory that the 24 valve engines were more susceptable to breaking timing belts, so maybe they have beefier belts
I fitted the proper (genuine) belt to my fte recently. I had assumed they were the same as the other 1H* engines too - I should have offered it up against a 1hz belt, but didn’t!

Get the proper belt to be safe. And tensioner and idler
I received my belt.

Just want to let you know the # printed on the belt is 13568-17021.

This P/N get few answers on Google which I did not dig into it

Don’t get me wrong. I know I get the correct belt. Just sharing this incongruous information.

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