Time For New Tires


Jul 19, 2004
York, PA
They are great treads… congrats! I run the exact same tire at 32-34 psi on the road and 12 on the trail.

Reporting back.

Decided to go with another set of Toyo Open Country MTs. Never had any complaints with the old set and seems people like them as well or better than any other MT. Plus I swapped the 2 best old tires onto some wheels for the trailer. Obviously that's gonna be way overkill for a trailer but it will look cool.😎 I think they put too much air in them at the shop cause it was kinda bouncy on the way home but wow they are quiet compared to the old set. What is the general consensus on road tire pressure for the 40? I'll post some pics with the new shoes in a couple days. Headed out of town in the morning before it gets light enough for pics.
Jan 19, 2021
Renton, WA
For ideal pressure, just do a chalk test to see your contact patch and how you like the feel at that psi. Too many variables for a perfect psi for all FJ40's. Original tire pressure with H78-15 bias ply was 22 front and 28 rear. I run a lower pressure in my 40 than I do in my 4Runner. Just mess around and see what works for you. And yeah, the tire shops almost always over inflate. My wife was complaining about the ride feel of new tires on her Golf at the beginning of winter so I checked and the shop had them inflated to 52 psi.
Feb 16, 2011
Eastern, OR
Well like I said we headed out of town this morning so I've had no time to check tire pressure. Although as usual we were later leaving than I wanted to be. Which gave me time to take a few pictures.



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