time for a rear axle rebuild

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Jun 5, 2005
Madison NC
Well I was gonna blame Brodie for his bad mojo after reading and replying to this thread..... https://forum.ih8mud.com/80-series-tech/278521-hard-brake-=-blown-wheel-cylinder.html but im afraid thats not the case.

We went for a trail ride and on a steep ascent while having to reverse for a better line I was not confident in the brakes as it took all i had to stand on the pedal to hold the 80 in place. I had just rebuilt all 4 calipers in attempts to regain better braking after the move to 37's. So i was pretty bummed to see what looks like a puddle of brake fluid under the rear tire as i pulled into the drive last night.

Good news is its not the caliper rebuild workmanship :cheers:
bad news is it looks like its time for a rear rebuild.

I just rebuilt the front axle (and then found records of the previous owner doing it < 30k miles ago :doh:) so this will have me back to fresh builds front and rear and on the same time schedule.
rearaxle 003.jpg
rearaxle 004.jpg
rearaxle 005.jpg
Nice. I used the 4x4 tool at NAPA to set the pre-load on the bearings. Have you ordered the inner seals yet? Oh, don't get grease and oil all over my FSM! Print off the pages you need :)
Smells fun!

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