Tighten Rear Gate Seal

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Oct 6, 2005
Rockford, IL
Can someone tell me how to tighten the rear gate when it is closed, so it has a tighter seal? Mine seems to have a lot of wind noise, and I have a rattle back there I think is the top gate moving. I did a search and couldn't find anything.
The windows are good, I checked them.
A mate of mine with HZJ80 GXL adjusted his tailgate to make it seal better after he found the tailgate slightly bowed from heavy loads being rested on the lower gate. IIRC, he repaired it by clamping the the lip across the top of the tailgate between two bits of 4 x 2 hardwood then "persuading" the framework to go back to its original shape.
If that isn't your problem have you tried adjusting the door lock strikers to put more tension on the seals?
FWIW, I always use silicon spray on all my door seals and spray grease on all hinges and locks as part of my PM schedule to keep them in A1 cond all the time

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