Tiger Top installed

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Oct 24, 2005
Cuba, MO
I finally got the tiger top installed, that I bought from PhatMax. It was missing the front angle brackets for the horizontal(above the door), the snaps, and the spacers for the hoops.

Well I creatively used zip ties to make the bracket and I used some PVC and couplers to make the spacers. I was scrounging around in the glove compartment of the truck and found 15 snaps. Not all were useable but it gave me something to compare new ones to. I ran to the local farm & home center to find snaps. Picked up plenty and installed it today.

Here is a picture. Thanks for those who gave me advice last time.


EDIT: I guess I should say that when I took the picture the spacers were not installed yet. I was running out of daylight and wanted a picture of some frustrating work.


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