Tie Rods

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Mar 9, 2006
Western NC
Well I started replaceing the tie rod ensds this morning and now it looks like i need the tie rod and drag link. Any recomendations on where to get these from, and if there are aftermarket replacements that work better than the stock. Also going to have to replace the steering dampner. Any recomendations would be helpful. The cruiser is stock height for now. Hopeing to do a lift this summer.

Why do you need a tie rod - too corroded to screw the ends out?

I ended up getting a Toyota tie rod 'cause I couldn't find one of the ends locally without it but I'm glad I did - the ends wouldn't screw into the old one even using excessive force. I used TRW ends & drag link for most of them, & they look as stout as stock.

Several venders on this forum offer kits - way more affordable.
Tinker said:
Why do you need a tie rod - too corroded to screw the ends out?

I worked on the tie rods for about 4 ours trying to get the ends out. I did not have a vise though and was trying different ways. I am going tomorrow to use a vise and a torch and try and get them out again.

Try using a couple of pipe wrenches.
torch heat should do it. i've run into several tie rod ends where only lots of heat worked and a vice helps...
Vise + two big pipe wrenches...in hindsight, heat would have been a good idea too.
Kroil, and lots of it, over at least two weeks :D

Aren't the 80 series steering linkage able to be bolted right onto the 60 series arms and more stout that 60s stuff?
try useing heat and some wax .....heat the part add the wax to the theads and let it cool alitlte then wreanch it out
It took vise, lots of PB, and heat along with a lot of elbow grease to get the ends out. Thanks YOURNAMEHERE for the elbow grease and the vise.


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