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Jan 8, 2005
Crestwood, MO
To save you some reading (terminology not so good):
Front steering bar has a little play, but somewhat normal.
Rear bar wiggles like a worm.
1992 original stuff.
2-1/2" lift, orignial 31" tires (but to 33" next year).
Financially broke, but don't want to mess with it again in a few years.

What to do?
1. First off I plan on taking the nuts off and retorking per factory spec. Maybe the alignment folks didn't?
2. Get new ends?
3. Get new rod & ends (toyota factory)?
4. Go big and upgrade to some crawler stuff (fixed forever)?

Background (What's it doing?):
Turn one way and it "loads up".
Turn the other way and it releases, sounds like a leaf spring letting go.
A few weeks back, tires squeeled (like on new blacktop) after unloaded.
Yanked underneath and everything seemed fine, then checked the steering bar behind the axle and real wobbly! I'm figuring that's the issue.

Had it about 10 years now. Occasional offroading. NOT my daily driver, but 1-car driveway on a hill, so top flat part is for my wife. In other words, better fix it quick! Few years back, had a birfield go bad, rebuilt the front axle myself, with money saved put in an OME lift with caster correction. Everything leaked, so put new diff gaskets (SLEE I believe, bought the special gasket pounding tool and used gasket sealer, no more leaks). Only drive it in winter (near St. Louis, MO), when it needs a good running, and fishing trips with 2 canoes on top. Occasionally out at a buddy's property (200+ acres) 4-wheeling up creek beds and crossing fords.

As usual any experienced comments would be greatly appreciated.


May 7, 2005
South Jordan, UT
I think you should replace the ends. Don't want to mess around with letting those parts fail.
Kurt at Cruiser Outfitters has some good, but affordable ones.
If your rods are damaged, find some used ones. I will sell you mine for shipping plus the cost of a 6-pack.

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