Ticking sound (IP or something worse)

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Jul 20, 2014
Costa Rica & Texas
I recently started getting this ticking sound from inside the cab. You can hear it when it's cold or warmed up. At first i looked for an exhaust leak and nothing. The sound is more noticeable between the firewall and the transmission cover.

I decided to check the oil level after a long trip and the dip stick had broken off about 6 " from the tip. So it now resides in the oil pan. Thus leads me to believe that maybe this could be the problem?

Maybe I need to adjust my lifters again.

Has anyone had a dipstick break off such as this?

Going to drop the oil pan this weekend to retrieve the broken piece and keep my fingers crossed no internal damage has been done.
Last resort is to inspect the IP and see if that could cause this noise.
What caused the dipstick to break? Any chance of finding a flexible gadget with a magnet on the end small enough to go down the dipstick hole?
Man if I got a dollar for every time someone posted "New ticking sound" on the Ih8mud forum title I would be rich.

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