Throwing up a prayer! - Looking to Rent FJ40/60/80 for afternoon trip through Joshua Tree

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Dec 6, 2018
Waco, TX
Hey Guys, not sure this is the best place to ask but figure you could point me in the right direction as I throw out a ridiculous prayer.

My wife and I are expecting and were planning to have a “baby-moon” down to Cancun next week. But with COVID and hearing nightmares of not being able re-enter the US without quarantining in Mexico. We have decided to visit Palm Springs, CA instead. During our trip we would like to take a day to drive through Joshua Tree. Just a quick run on Park Boulevard.

Trying to find away to rent a land cruiser since we cannot bring our 93. :/ any ideas?? Or
Know of any mud members that have a weekend rig needing to stretches it’s legs??

I have searched Turo but i can only find J**ps.

I know it’s a stretch but the mud community is always full of surprises!

Thanks in advance,

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