throw out bearing / pressure plate

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Jun 13, 2012
Forest Knolls, CA
I'm replacing the clutch on my 86 60 and thought I'd replace the bearing but it looks like it is pressed onto a hub.

If I order the bearing, does it come pressed on to a new hub or do I press it on myself?

I marked the old pressure plate, but I am installing a new one. Is there any concern with balance of the new plate?

Anything else I might replace or inspect while I have it apart?

I did not have a return spring on my clutch fork, but I see one in the schematics. Does this make sense or did some one forget to re install it?
You will need to press the old bearing off and the new one on.
The clutch kit should come with the alignment tool, just be meticulous and get the clutch disk centered. I tighten the bolts a little at a time until fully torqued. Now would be a good time to have the flywheel resurfaced.
After Aug 85 or so, the slave design changed to an internal spring that pushes the bearing against the pressure plate versus the pre 85 that pulled the bearing away from the plate. The schematic you are looking at is probably pre Aug 85.
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Change the pilot bearing and get the flywheel surfaced... it has a step in it, btw... also this is the BEST time to drop the pan and rear main cap and put a new rear main seal in it...

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