Throttle plate doesn't fully close when hot / High Idle

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Oct 22, 2006
I'm experiencing this odd issue again, this happens onroad and offroad when the temps reach the high 80's and 90's, whether AC is off or on. My throttle plate will not fully close so my idle will remain at 1000rpm or so.

I can manually close it on the throttle body and the idle drops back down to 650 and is smooth. But as soon as I start moving again, it refuses to drop back down.

I've cleaned up the TB and throttle mechanism; I've pulled all cruise control stuff off so that is not the issue. I'm beginning to think it's maybe the cable not letting it fully close? Cable is OEM/original and in decent shape.

Any other ideas? anyone else seen this?
I had a similar experience with a 4Runner ... after many attempts to thoroughly clean the throttle body, adjust the cables, lubricate the cables, etc I finally got fed up and replaced the cables ... that did the trick, don't really know why as they seemed fine. My best guess is going to be that somewhere along the line they get squarshed with someone's (my) hand or someone's (my) foot or the end of a ratchet, or a glance-back-blow from a BFH :)o) or whatever and then in that area there is a small restriction that tends to show up if its hot enough or if that area turns enough to get that restriction rubbing the right way for you to sense something's off.

If you've ruled out that the throttle body is completely clean (especially the pivot points for the throttle plate), and that it is in proper alignment and the linkages to the cables are all in proper adjustment etc then it might be worth it to replace the cables. Not sayin for sure it will work but I'm glad I replaced mine. Hope that helps. :cheers:
Would seem like the cables or the body itself, have you spray cleaned it or taken it off and scrubed it good. MIke
Same thing happened to me, tried everything, no good.
Ordered new throttle cable, you wouldn't believe the difference in how smooth that new cable slides compared to the old.
Thank you all for the feedback. Yes I've cleaned the TB and the mechanism, seems that a new cable is my answer. Will give that a shot asap..........
Timely thread, this was happening to me today. I think it's time for a new throttle cable for me too.
For future reference, after some searching on here it appears that the accelerator cable part number is 78180-60280.
Hi Adam, mine came in today and I'll put it in tomorrow. Thanks for finding that link.

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