Throttle pedal Nylon bushings

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Apr 13, 2011
Northern Arizona
Here a picture of the pedal assembly with a hand drawing of the nylon bushings with the inside and out side detentions.

recently my throttle pedal has developed a problem lately. In stead of the pedal pivoting down, the now the pedal goes down and twist counter clockwise thus limiting the range of movement. I have found the problem to be a wore out nylon bushing. Only one of the bushings has wore out thus the twisting of the throttle pedal.

So my question is where can I go and get replacement nylon bushings? I have tried the local Ace hardware, Ture Valve and Home Depot and looked at their specific nylon bushings in hardware depts. Specter off road does not list them. It only sell the whole pedal assembly.

Here's a couple of pictures;
Worst case you could have someone with a lathe turn you a set.

Thanks for your answer. As soon my flying schedule slow downs and take care of another unrelated power issue l'm going to pick up a couple.

Thanks Jason

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