Throttle cable help needed for LT1 in a 40

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Sep 19, 2010
I know I don't post much mainly try to absorb knowledge. I have found myself with a little issue though.

I pulled the 327 that was in my 40 and replaced it with a LT1. The original throttle cable will not work and need some direction on what will work from those who have done this swap or that just know the answer.

Is there a cable that I can order from someone that fits? I'm out of town until Sunday so I can't post pics until I get back. Figured if someone knew I could get it ordered and be rolling when I get home.
You can get trim-to-fit 3ft and 4ft cables from Lokar.
I'll give them a call tomorrow. Now could I get a measurement on a stock cable length from someone please. It's kind of hard for me to do 350 miles away from the ole girl.

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