Thrill on the Hill 2009

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Mar 20, 2007

Hey everyone. The registration for the third annual Thrill on the Hill has begun at TOTH. Stop by and check out the site and register now for the event. It will be held on September 4th-7th in Cloudcroft,NM. We have a wonderful camp ground this year called Camp of the Tall Pines that will be able to accommodate everyone. It is located just outside of Cloudcroft. We have scouted some of the trails and we feel that there will be something for everyone this year. We will have live music on both Saturday and Sunday nights, great BB Q's, lots of entertainment and great trails. We have some great sponsors again this year. AllPro, MetalTech, Toytec, Demello and BudBuilt to name a few. They have donated some great raffle prises for the event and most of them plan on attending. Please register soon to secure your spot and we look forward to reuniting with a lot of you and shaking hands with those first timers. See you all soon!

Welcome to Thrill on the Hill 2009

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Woody, is this on your calendar of events by any chance????

not this event, but I've attended the offroad races in Crandon nearly every year over Labor Day Weekend for the past 6-7 years....missed last year, and won't do that again...

enjoy :)
We have had a great time in the past two years. This year, the event is being moved to Labor Day, due to the problems with fire dangers and trail closures last year. The location also moved to Cloudcroft area. We had a good showing of HDC members last year. Hope to see you there.
Ya baby, this year is going to rock!! Can't get here soon enough though!
Maybe we'll make it this year, if I have a new truck by then (and Cub Scouts doesn't conflict like last year)
Ya baby, this year is going to rock!! Can't get here soon enough though!

Hey Brandon -

Thanks for keeping us posted! The High Desert Cruisers have enjoyed the previous Thrills on the Hill, and I hope that we'll have a good turnout this year as well. Thanks for sponsoring this event - we're looking forward to it! :cheers:

ok, i just registered! this will be my first time going. Jill may or may not be there. she is scheduled to be at her sisters that weekend. i will have the boys though. i guess i need to get the gears put in my 40 now...
just figured out that it is a fj event. Still mght see about checking it out. Do hotels :)princess:) fill quickly?
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It is open to any Toyota 4x4's.. For the last couple years, HDC has been represented by only a few FJC's, and also 40's, 80's, and even my 100 last year.
:hmm:, sounds like a 60 would be in order...
Yep. I took my 60 the first year. Darn FJ Cruisers could go way faster on the really bumpy roads than I could without beating the wife and kids to death. With this year's being in Cloudcroft, It'll be a completely different event than the last two years.
I just registered. I was the only FJ40 last year and it was funny how many FJ owners came up to me and asked what I was driving.

That's funny. Didja mess with their brains a little? :clap:
Any past attendees from this club heading back this year?
I was thinking about it until someone pointed out that it's the same weekend as the Farmington cleanup. I'd prefer the Farmington cleanup because I'd like to go visit my sister and brother-in-law. I'm attempting to recall who went the first year:
Steve H
Mike M
Dan B
James B

Who'd I miss.
You missed a bunch. The original thread is still here in the forum.

List of High Desert Cruiser attendees:
Evan & Ellen [FZJ80]
John (Tobascofish) + Dad [FZJ80]
Rory & Molly [FJ40]
James & Linda + Alex & sister [FZJ80]
Dan & Sarah + Ben & Pat & Sarah's sister Jody [FZJ80]
Mike & Connie + Ross [FZJ80]
Greg & Janet + Ryan & Garner [FJ60]
Steve & Wendy [FJ40]
Kevin [FJC]
Vince [FZJ80]
Marc & Denise + kids (sorry, I'm terrible with names) [FJ60]
Mike Belcher [FJC]
Dave & Jennie McGraw [Tacoma]


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