three on tree is shifting

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Oct 23, 2009
High in the Rocky Mountains
I still have one of those three on the tree shifters and I want to keep it. It's great. I just drove 500 miles from Salt Lake City to Colorado (Great trip btw, will report with pics) and during the trip I noticed that the three on the tree has rotated clockwise by about one hour and a half. The shaft that sits on top of the steering wheel shaft is still right above it, it is just the position of neutral and all the gear positions that have rotated to the right (clockwise). What could cause this and should I do something preventatively? Also does anyone have good three on the tree parts? (for future repairs). Thanks
There's a clamp down at the other end right next to the steering gear box. Mine was loose and rotated clockwise doing what you described. I noticed how it worked as I just dismantled steering assembly in order to rebuild steering gear box. Just primed the clamp I mentioned above, this evening.
Thanks, I'll have a look at it. I think I am going to re-do the whole three on the tree shifting assembly, I know a machinist who can porbably make the pieces I need to get it back to original.
FYI 63 started with one transmission and transfer case then switched to the style most know. The shifter for the early transmission comes out the side of the top. The cover for the transmission tailshaft on the transfer case only has four bolts.
thanks, I need a tranny and a clutch at some point, but not yet. I was going to wait until I figure out teh situation with the three on the tree. If you have thopse parts I might be interested. Are they in good condition or are they more like what I already have ie. operational but loose.
If I have new parts made then I know it is going to be solid. So it is a bit tricky to buy parts of which I do not know the condition.
"Also does anyone have good three on the tree parts? (for future repairs). Thanks"

this is why I posted that I had a tranny he asked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hey, His name is POSER for a reason :D

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