Three Dana 60 rears/ 1 61 rear/ 44 front FS

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Aug 11, 2003
United States
All are Chevy complete drum to drum. I have two with 4.10 gears. One with 3.73 gears. One dana 61 HD rear. All four for $500 or $150 each. All are eight lug.

I have one Dana 44 front (3.73 gears) six lug. Also Chevy with tie rod and misc parts still attatched. Looking for $150 for the 44.

Located in Gardnerville, Nevada. Calif/Nevada border area.

I want to know what yr chevys, model, etc..? dually or single? and I am darn near 100%
sure that the 61 was not used in a chevy. Also i have only ever seen one d 60 in a chevy, and it happend to be a 60 HD.
I dont know off the top of my head the years. All three 60's are HD ( Stamped on the case's ) . The 61 came out of a HD van. Troy
Also on the Dana 60 rears. It doesn't matter what they came out of. They are all Dana anyhow. Ford or Chevy doesn't matter. Same bolt pattern, same everything. The width is 63 1/2" from mounting surface to mounting surface.

Only makes a difference on a front end. All are eight lug, and no dually parts here.
Have you by chance pulled any axels off of the 60's if so are they 1.3" or 1.5" 35 spline. If they are the later Im interested in two of them. Also can you send me the BOM numbers off the axels. I am close to you and can pick up.

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