Those pesky front seat rear outer mounts that have the captive nuts break off from metal fatigue

Oct 8, 2011
Toronto, NSW, Australia
Probably mentioned it in the distant past, but the front seats of my 80 each have the captive nut of the rear outer mount broken out. To fix it I have a regular nut and washer under each which I can hold in place (just) with a very specific short open-ended 17 mm spanner.

Every time I decide to take one or both of the front seats out it annoys me how the mounts are broken like that, but I wonder if it's a factory design issue with the mounts on the earlier build bodies?

My 80 also doesn't have any sort of factory-fitted rear mount for a centre console (so I made my own).

BTW best thing I did was ditch the front pass side bench seat and fit a normal pass side bucket seat to permit installation of a factory centre console.

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