Those OEM Mounted Dunlop Grandtrek AT23's

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Oct 17, 2010
San Francisco
Are these as crap as some of the reviews I've read elsewhere on the web? I was looking to buy a second set of (OEM) wheels for the LC so I can run winter tires and something more HWY oriented in other months. I can get a killer deal on a set of OEM takeoff wheels w/mounted 95% Grandtrek's. I'd run them for non-winter months.

Any major complaints?
I did the same last winter. OEM Michelins were "interesting" in snow and slush. Found a set of Tundra take-off's at the local Toyota dealer, cheap with zero miles and tpms sensors. I mounted OEM size Blizzak's in November. They are absolutely secure in rain, as well as slush and snow over thin ice. No complaints.

April of this year, I replaced the OEM Michelins with Toyo AT II's. Very nice both on and off road.
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:smokin:What's winter?

It's the part of year where (in Florida), you write a 12 for month instead of a 6 or 7.

Other than that... It's nothin. ;)

I grew up in South America where we only had two seasons:
-Dry Season
-Rainy Season
The tires are garbage and flat spot very easily, could not stand them and replaced them after 10k. Running LTX AT2's and am very happy, quiet at 80mph.
OEM Dunlops are garbage. I'd take them on the wheels for free but would not pay for them. Check that; I'd actually pay to have them removed if you want the wheels they're mounted on. JMHO
Any comments on road noise?

No noticeable road noise, but that may be because the cabin is well insulated. Also did not have flat spotting problem yet with 4000 miles on them. I had a good luck with Michelin LTX before but they don't make them for 16 LC size so may have to try Latitude Tour HP when the time comes

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