This 60 looks to be a good buy?

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I would inspect it good before I bid. If Brroksville wasn't so far away I would do it as a favor. Mine is a Florida truck and yes the frame and wheel-wells were perfect. However I had rain gutter rust....and lots under the crome trim on pinch weld...This is common in deep south trucks...This rust is sometimes goes unnoticed or is not visible in pictures. Trust me that is a tough place to do rust repair.
There's a few cruiserheads in Orlando/Apopka/Cleremont Fl,,,w/i 40 min drive of Brooksville . . .

Go post on Northwest Fla Bul board ( on MUD),

Post a request for help on -> Forums , -> Bulletinn Board . . .
reserve was 6200. I spoke to the guy yesterday, he's sending me pics. Probably not worth that ask from what I've seen so far.
I'd play it close to your vest on the rust issue. I've looked at a couple Florida trucks and they DID NOT have rust in the usual spots, but did have some serious cancer under trim/carpet, etc. where you don't notice it on a day to day basis. It's warm and wet there and if he's on the coast, there's salt, too.

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