Third member Removal (Studs)

Dec 16, 2002
How in the world do you get the third member out? :dunno: On the pinion side, the nuts came off of the studs, but the studs are threaded into the axle housing, right? How do you get the studs out?? :dunno: Please help, have been removing the rear for 3 hours now. Thanks for the help!!! :beer:
Nov 3, 2002
Oil drained.

Both axles removed (drivers side and passenger side).

All nuts are off the 3rd member mounting studs.

The drive line has been disconnected.

I have heard of folks placing a floor jack under the 3rd member out near the input flange, jack up moderatly and wait, the 3rd member will un-stick itself and then you can pull it straight out without removing the studs at all.

I have always "gently" used a pair of broad faced chisels (one on the drivers side of the 3rd member and one on the passenger side) and a small hammer to pry it loose! be very careful to not crack the casting of the 3rd member. Studs stay in the axle housing!

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